Centre for Philosophy of Science Lisbon Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab

Welcome to the Lisbon Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab!

AppEEL was founded in July 2012 and is part of the Centre for Philosophy of Science, located in the Faculty of Science of the University of Lisbon.

AppEEL aims to advance the study of the Extended Synthesis in biology from an inter- and transdisciplinary approach; and identify how the Extended Synthesis can be applied to the sociocultural domain. We work from within an Applied Evolutionary Epistemological Approach.

Applied Evolutionary Epistemology is a scientific and philosophical methodology used to conduct evolutionary research. It combines the tenets of Evolutionary Epistemology with the research methodologies associated with Universalizing Evolutionary Theory. In regard to natural selection theory, Evolutionary Epistemologists, Philosophers of Biology and Evolutionary Biologists have engaged in abstracting universal heuristics or "skeletons" of the selection mechanism to enable the evolutionary study of sociocultural phenomena; and they have engaged in contemplating the nature of units and levels of selection. Applied Evolutionary Epistemology combines both approaches and applies them to biological theories that are currently classified as belonging to an Extended Synthesis.

We want to develop universal heuristics of all known evolutionary mechanisms, identify the universal units whereupon and the levels whereat these evolutionary mechanisms are active, and investigate how these units and levels form nested hierarchies. Such a unified approach will enable us to better conceptualize and model biological and sociocultural evolution.


Research at AppEEL therefore focuses on the following themes:

  1. The nature and scope of the Extended Synthesis;
  2. The implementation of the Extended Synthesis into the sociocultural domain;
  3. Conceptualization, quantification and modeling of horizontal and vertical, micro- and macroevolution in biological and sociocultural sciences;
  4. Unification of the evolutionary sciences through the development of shared methodologies.

We are financed by the Portuguese Fund for Science and Technology.

AppEEL is the home of the Springer Book Series Interdisciplinary Evolution Research.